Just the minimum 

When I started this blog I envisioned having a new way of life. Now I am realizing that it’s going to be a process. 

You don’t just wake up and have a minimalist lifestyle one day. It’s a journey of change for me so I am just trying to be more mindful about a few things here and there, picking up what I can along the way.

I realized a lot of it has to do with instinct. My gut feelings tell me I don’t really need that “Togo” box because it is just going to create more waste.

I guess it started with bottled water and my conviction against it. But it really goes for all things one time use. Why should I make this planet suffer for my convenience? A little more effort can reduce the pile of waste that I create in my life time. 

Now my scope has grown and I can really start seeing how many more areas I produce waste in. A huge one is “fashion.” My serious long term goal is to let go of fashion. Of wanting to have everything I see. We are really trained as consumers that we have to have what EVERYONE else has or some how our lives are empty and inadequate. This is just so wrong. I just want a sustainable, cute, and ME wardrobe and I’m going to get there a piece at a time.

Don’t even get me started on “beauty products” and that entire industry. It truly feels like emotional abuse against woman kind. Why can’t we feel pretty without makeup? I’m working on eliminating it and the 5000 products from my life and replacing them all with coconut oil 😜

Or maybe I’m just super cheap and refuse to buy in to all the scams any longer! That is a strong possibility.


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