Transformation Tuesday 

 As we step closer to our 5th year of marriage I am blown away with this humble man. Our story began with a teenage crush that led to the greatest love of my life time. It hasn’t all been rainbows and butterflies, we have shared some emotionally intense moments and I wasn’t always sure I would survive what was thrown at me. But his faith in me and our love never waivered. He broke through the walls that I built since childhood and showed me that that I am worthy of the universe. Our life together grows to be more and more gratifying every year no matter the boulders we encounter along the way. 

The newest chapter brings big changes for our family and the very best one is that because of his promotion we now get to spend a weekend together. They four of us plus two dogs are sure to have the best summer of our lifetime so far. But let’s not wish the days away. Especially not this one. 

It’s not just your average Tuesday. It’s Will’s first day as Sous chef and I could not be more proud of my man. I’ve watched him claw his way from the bottom and I know that he truly deserves this opportunity. ❤️  


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