Just love yourself.

It’s so easy to criticize our own bodies. To hate the bulges we see in the mirror. To sigh when we look down.

I get really sad when I look at pictures from last summer and realize I deleted alllll the ones of myself from the neck down.

Was I just hideous? Probably not. But apparently I hated how I looked at the time. I’ve prided myself over the whole “healthy not skinny” idea over the last 6 months of weightloss but the fact that I deleted all my “before” pics speaks for itself. I was not happy with my reflection or the way that it felt to binge eat myself numb every night so I changed it.

I have come so far but I still forget to remind myself of that. I practice and practice to love my body as it is but I still daily catch myself making mental comments throughout the day and craving comfort foods to soothe my anxiety. I’m a work in progress and I really hope that comes across in my social media posts. Coaching (sharing the journey I’m on) has transformed my life but it’s still scary putting it all out there without sounding conceited. I’m lucky I have had such great support so far though and I feel like I’ve made a difference in a few lives, that’s all that matters!



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