Just clean.

I have been motivated to convert to non chemical cleaners for some time now. I finally succeeded! I made 10 gallons of laundry soap for $10 (Pinterest: FAIL. Return to Tide. Promise to switch to Boulder)

For the rest of the house I use 3 simple ingredients: baking soda, white vinegar and dish soap! That’s it!

For kitchen cleaning I use dish soap mixed with vinegar and dilute it with water in a spray bottle. You won’t believe how well it works, even on grease! Costs pennies to make.

Bathroom cleaning is easy too! For the bath tub/shower make a paste of baking soda and dish soap and rub it all over (I use a dish wand pad) a light scrub and a rinse and your tub will sparkle! Make a big batch and keep it in the bathroom to use next time. Again: pennies. For the toilet I use the same spray I use in the kitchen. If it’s good enough to clean where we eat, it’s good enough to clean where we poo! Shout out to my girl Gab @woodhorsecreations for that life changing tip!

The actual toilet bowl is my very favorite: a splash of vinegar and dollop of baking soda (bubbles up=fun), brush with toilet wand and wave goodbye to that ring!

Have fun CLEAN cleaning!


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