just food

I haven’t always been “clean”
This doesn’t come natural to me because I wasn’t raised with real foods and no one really even knew what was healthy until just recently.
My adolescence was centered on how I looked and “being skinny”
I had no idea how to actually burn fat and consumed only processed low-fat foods, if any at all.
Well, times have changed and we know much more truths about food and nutrition.
It’s so exciting to me to be learning all about my body and how to treat it so good that it rewards you with a gorgeous, healthy exterior.
Healthy starts on the inside.
That gym membership won’t help if you don’t start in the kitchen.

I’m working on developing new habits. One of my favorite ways to save money and gain nutrients is by boiling bones with a few veggies all day in the slow cooker to make the most delicious broths and incorporate them into other meals. Namely: soup!

I could not survive the winter without soup. It’s the perfect afternoon pickmeup snack!

Saving this batch to make turkey soup after we cook the discount turkey I bought today! ($9, score!) and believe me, I’ll be making MORE broth with that giant turkey skeleton 😂



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